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MEDITRON's EARTH LEAKAGE RELAY provides protection against earth leakage which is sensed by a toroidal current transformer. An earth fault current produces an output in the CT which is fed to the Earth Leakage Relay. If the fault current exceeds the set current then the unit trip the relay. The contacts of this relay can then be used to isolate the fault, usually by tripping a Circuit Breaker or any other switching device.

The Earth Leakage Relay is a static electronic relay. Adjustable sensitivity along with adjustable definite time delay allow efficient discrimination within the systems.


-   Trip sensitivity is adjustable in 8 steps.

-   Trip time delay is adjustable in 8 steps of 50 ms each from 50 ms to 500 ms.

-   1NO + 1 NC aux contacts 6A rating at 230V AC or 24V DC.

-   Status Indication : Power on and relay tripped indications with LEDs.

-   Relay OK (self checking) with TEST push button.

-   Toggle switch for selecting Auto or Manual mode.


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