An ISO 9001:2015 Company

-   2 nos 11 kV incomer feeder of 800 & 1250 Amps.

-   4 nos of out going feeders of 11 kV , 800 & 1250 Amps.

-   Computer and printer for down loading information after / within 60 days and processing the same.

-   Data Logger in each feeder with 6 digital inputs is installed for logging of time and date of tripping, shut downs and other events. More than 20 parameters like power, harmonics, max demand, power ,voltages currents etc are logged with time and date with the maximas and mimimas and are user programmable for logging on hourly/half hourly basis and storing the data in each logger upto 60 days.

-   The data logger can communicate on modbus and is equipped with RS232 port.

-   The total number of feeders can be tailored as per the specific requirement of client.

-   System can be equipped with complete remote data logging, SCADA and RS485 PORT with dial up facility.

-   For substations having transformers above 5 MVA, out door 33 kV VCB can be used and the control and relay panels of the VCB shall be housed inside the hut.

-   System suitable for 2 nos of 12.5 MVA transformer incomer/ loads.

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